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Sphere of Fear 2 - Film review


Directed by #JohnMitchell

Written by #JohnMitchell


Sphere of Fear 2 Movie Poster
Sphere of Fear 2 Movie Poster

Directed by John Mitchell, Sphere of Fear 2 is a film about a heartbroken man, Dylan (Chris Ball Hero) who befriends a possessed football (John Altman) as he needs his help to reunite with his ex-lover Faye (Ann Madernn), little does Dylan know, that Satan (Florian Silbereisen Schwitzebel) is after the possessed football as-well.

The film begins with information about the previous film including the characters, this is useful to the audience as it keeps them up to date. From the beginning we learn what Dylan has been going through, a broken heart. The audience would learn that his broken heart could be significant to the film. We then see Dylan being harassed about his rent from his landlord, Dylan uses the excuse that he is still heartbroken, this can make the audience wonder if Dylan is genuinely heartbroken or if he just uses that excuse to get out of things.

From the beginning of the film the camera moves around Dylan in his room as he lays crying on his sofa. This is useful to the audience as they gain an understanding of the characters personality, we see tissue, beer, condoms and a messy room.

When a box is delivered to Dylan’s door all the way from Brazil, he mentions that he does not know anyone from Brazil which would make the audience more interested in what is inside that box. When Dylan finally opens the box, he meets the possessed football, his reaction is quite interesting and it gets the audience thinking if Dylan has met the football before.

The film is not so realistic, we learn that Dylan had a brother named Trevor (George Wilson) who appears in the film as a ghost, when first meeting Trevor, the audience would question what really happened to him and will learn that when watching the rest of the film. The audience also learn the relationship between Dylan and Trevor.

For an Indie film the director did well by brining up information from the previous film and making it relevant to Sphere Fear 2, this shows that the director is creative and that he acknowledges the audience by keeping them updated. The director also uses flashbacks to engage with his audience so they have all the information they need about what happened to each character.

Performance wise, the acting is quite unserious which is not a bad thing at all because it brings out a comedy genre. This film is worth the watch especially if you are into indie/comedic films.



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