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Special Delivery short film review


Directed by: #RobertHackett

Written by: #KulvinderGill



Special Delivery, written by Kulvinder Gill and directed by Robert Hackett, follows a somewhat solemn postman as he makes his way in the cold London weather to make his deliveries. I will say that this film is not what I expected, but in a nice way.

Special Delivery can be classified as a ‘silent film’ as there is no dialogue, but there is sound in terms of atmospheric sound and music. Actually, this film has some really nice sound editing. The transitions of the sounds and the merging of them are done with such high quality.

There is a single song that plays for majority of the short, this song is very choir inspired, and is a piece produced by the great musician Moby, although I don’t think it was specifically made for this film. Nevertheless, it was a good choice for the film.

Although the shots used in Special Delivery were fairly basic shots, the setting and story were also fairly basic therefore, it makes sense that there was nothing too grandiose about the shots. However, the cinematography was still great because the shots were really smooth and were done well. Nothing was done with carelessness. The combination of the soundscape, the music and the filming made this an enjoyable production. I do wish there was something more to the plot, but for a film that is less than 5 minutes long, I won’t complain too much.

Another thing that made this film pleasurable to see was the cast. The main members of the cast were Jerome Holder playing the role of the postman, and Varada Sethu as the young woman waiting for the postman to arrive. I must say, it was nice to see a diverse cast in this film and was even better because it was a capable cast. Both Sethu and Holder did justice to their respective roles and I appreciated their naturalism. Yet, due to the plot being rather simplistic, the characters were also pretty basic and generic.

Robert Hackett is an impressive director and he did a very good job with Special Delivery, I’d be interested to see some more of his work. Hackett has a wide array of films he has directed, many have qualified for notable film festivals such as the BFI Future Film Festival and the London Independent Film Festival. In fact, Special Delivery was an official selection for the 2020 London Independent Film Festival. Special Delivery also won both the Best Silent Film and the Best Film award at the Harrogate Film Festival this year.

As its aforementioned accolades suggest, Special Delivery is a short that provides an enjoyable experience for viewers. This was a production that was noticeably done with a lot of care and effort. The film is under 5 minutes long and is certainly a warming little short, and so I’d recommend it as being worth a watch!



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