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Sharing (2022) Short Film Review

Updated: Jun 24, 2022


Directed by: #MykeaPerry

Written by: #MykeaPerry


The relationship between a mother and young daughter is explored through their proximity to one another, set against the backdrop of a shared custody.

Sharing (2022) is an intimate, absorbing drama seeped in realism and a deeply personal short film for talented director and writer Mykea Perry. Exploring shared custody and the complicated effects this can have on parents and children is a topic rarely examined in movies and this short admirably raises awareness regarding this common issue which faces many families across the country. Perry has expressed in a director statement that his passion lies in telling “personal, real stories” through his films and this short fits perfectly into his artistic expression.

What immediately draws intrigue is the hiring of an actress and her actual daughter to play the leads. The structure of the film was reportedly found through improvisation rehearsal, resulting in a truly authentic experience of watching a close mother and daughter bond as the mother (Hopi Grace) takes Jade (Aifya Grace) to her dad’s for Boxing Day. This short works wonders at highlighting the huge perks of having a real life parent and child starring together, as we are subjected to charming scenes of the duo playing eye spy on a bus, Aifya’s playful mischief shining through, and naming fruits by the alphabet as they walk to the father’s house. Nothing ever feels scripted and the realistic tone almost makes the short come across as a documentary.

Sharing (2022) poster

Perry directs with confidence and skill, his intimate camera work through slow takes encouraging viewers to become closely aligned with the leads on their emotional journey. Some shots are framed as though audiences are being granted permission to peek behind the curtain of this social issue, demonstrated literally through a revealing shot through a light curtain at a window as we see the mother and father discuss a differing of opinion. Along with the improvisation of dialogue and the many close ups of both leads as they travel, the realism of the film becomes ever more tangible.

The performances from mother and daughter are impeccable. Hopi Grace communicates much with few words and it is touching to watch the sweet bond she shares with her daughter and the devastation her character feels when she has to part with her on Boxing Day, of all days. Afiya certainly holds her own alongside her mum and is completely convincing during her more challenging, emotional moment on a second bus ride where she admits feeling anxious and unsure about staying with her dad. If Afiya wishes to pursue acting like her mother, she certainly has a bright future ahead of her!

Sharing explores the relationship between mother and daughter and the complications which arise from shared custody with a tender, thoughtful direction to immerse spectators in its authentic narrative and themes. The short is bound to resonate with many over its relatable, personal motifs and grounded performances from both leads.


Sharing (2022) trailer:


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