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Room 217 short film review

Updated: Jul 16, 2021


Directed by: Srwsht Abarash

Written by: Srwsht Abarash

Starring: Abdulrahman Muhamad, Zheer Faraidoon

Poster for Room 217 showing protagonist.
Poster for Room 217

A check-in to a hotel turns into a series of very bizarre occurrences for an unsuspecting young man.

It is poring with rain one evening and a man in a suit (Faraidoon) arrives at a hotel via a taxi. The receptionist (Muhamed) informs him that all rooms are taken, however once the suited man gives him money, he is given to key to room 217. Shortly after, he witnesses his own self talking to the receptionist and being given the key to the same room, exactly as it happened earlier on. He ends up seeing himself doing more actions that he did before that same night. Is he dreaming? Is he losing his mind?

This spooky short film from Iraq contains elements of horror, suspense and surrealism. As the plot moves forward, the tension rises and the viewer tries to find out what is going on, whether there is a logical or supernatural explanation. Operating like a David Lynch film, the story gives the impression that otherworldly things are taking place but at the same time it hints that it might all be just inside the man's head. It could be up to the audience to decide. and the ending raises even more questions, which makes this film quite intriguing. It could be categorized as a mystery that cannot be solved.

The acting is quite realistic, with Faraidoon delivering a strong performance as a person who is frantically trying to find out what is going on, while simultaneously attempting to maintain his sanity. Muhamed is also good in his role as the mysterious hotel employee.

Rasan Jalal contributes wonderful cinematography and the lighting effects are very interesting, providing a sinister atmosphere. The lightning sound effects are frightening and help create a dark, scary environment.

Room 217 is a creepy horror story that will grab the viewer's attention and keep them guessing. An achievement worthy of attention.


Trailer for Room 217:


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