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Reflection of Love short film review

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


Directed by: Pritanko Ghatak

Written by: Pritanko Ghatak

Starring: Shubhranil Bhowmick, Shreyasee Mistry, Ritobina Chakrabortty

Still Image from Reflection of Love showing protagonists.
Still Image from Reflection of Love

This experimental short mixes fantasy with reality and provides an insight into the mind of a young man, who appears to be lost and confused.

A young man talks about his emotions. The narrative is nonlinear. He interacts with two other young women, discussing various subjects with them, regarding what is real and what is not and opens up about the difficult upbringing he had with his father, who drank and was abusive. He also plans to see a psychologist.

It makes one wonder what is reality here. The two girls seem to represent Imagination and Dream. Are the two girls actual people or are they figments of the boy's imagination? The way he talks to them and the words he uses signify that they (the girls) are his emotions and he is struggling to make sense out of them. Sometimes the man is inside a room and sometimes on a beach at night or an alley, and the girls appear there too. Most of the talking comes from the boy, as he goes into monologues. But is he actually talking to anyone, or just to himself? What are his issues?

The filmmakers utilize a variety of editing techniques and do so very effectively. There are wonderful sequences that combine match cuts and dissolve transitions, with closeups of eyes and lips. There is also fast cutting and times when the image is out of focus, creating a dream-like feeling. The protagonist's voice-over works well throughout the film.

The music adds significant value. It primarily consists of gentle and sentimental piano music, creating a moving atmosphere.

What this emotional drama is about is something that appears to be open to interpretation. Themes of love, family and romance are present and it is up to the viewer to decide what the film is trying to communicate. Overall, it is a beautiful achievement, with good acting, a touching score and very creative editing. It deserves praise and provides a thoughtful experience.



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