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Piano Man short film review

★★★ Directed by: Kelsey Rushworth Written by: Kelsey Rushworth Starring: Albert Clogston Film Review by: Jason Knight

Poster for Piano Man showing protagonist Albert Clogston.
Movie Poster for Piano Man

The loss of a loved one is devastating. The ones left behind struggle tremendously to deal with their grief and the emptiness they feel inside. Rushworth's touching drama Piano Man explores the impact the passing of a woman has had on her husband (Clogston). The film begins with the main character, a middle-aged man, receiving his departed wife's ashes in a container, after she has just been cremated. He takes the container home and places it next to a lovely picture of his wife. Living by himself now and clearly devastated by his loss, he resorts to playing music on his electronic keyboard. Not a single word is uttered in this emotional story. Actions and music do all the talking. Piano music is the main sound heard throughout. As the title suggests there is plenty of piano playing to be heard, both played by the protagonist and the non-diegetic score. The beautiful piano score effectively accompanies the emotions that the images generate. Clogston is very convincing as the grief-stricken husband, who is now sad and does not seem to know how to move on. In one rather emotional scene he places the picture of his wife on the bed, next to him, making it seem that she is still there. His digital keyboard, his wife's picture and the container appear to be very dear to him now. He portrays a man who is deeply saddened by loss and loneliness and will likely make the viewer wish that they could somehow help him. As the story focuses on a man who has just lost his wife and understandably never smiles, the tone of the film is generally poignant. However there are uplifting moments in the form of flashbacks of the couple's wedding, where naturally they are smiling and are happy. The flashbacks are beautiful and rather moving. Piano Man offers an affecting and sympathetic look into a man who is struggling with his emotions. The script, score and performance of its leading actor are likely to provide the audience with a thoughtful experience.



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