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Non Colpevole Short Film Review


Written and Directed by: #ClaudiaVatalaro and #EllesCase

Starring: #ClaudiaVatalaro (Sabrina) and #EllesCase (Poliziotta)

Music by: #ScottHolmes - Suspect Located

Short Film review by: Joyce Cowan

Non Colpevole is a gripping work of mystery, tension and vulnerability.

First things first: it’s always a delight to see female led projects, and Non Colpevole is no exception. It’s a well written and well crafted story, carried by its dialogue. The title of the film, which means ‘not guilty’, sets the scene for us: a tense exchange at a police station between an officer and the suspect. What is the truth of what has happened?

The performances are subtle and naturalistic, the character dynamic fluid and direct in the Italian style of communication, giving it a genuineness that is rare so that there is definitely a lot of talent as well as work in this piece. Compositionally it’s simple and the blocking remains unchanged throughout, so that the dynamism is purely in the story unfolding through the character’s exchange of words, which works really well by creating a theatrical kind of energy.

Thematically, it’s gripping and interesting. The situation which concerns the suspect involved a night out and a dubious sequence of events which end in an accident which, it is presumed, was not quite an accident but an action of which the suspect was at the centre. The real highlight of this film is that the plot twist comes at the end, so that it is almost playing with the audience’s understanding and which makes it a mystery piece. You just wish the film was longer. This is a classy, well done bit of drama.


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