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Noel Clarke to be honoured at 2019 British Urban Film Festival awards

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Noel Clarke BUFF 2019
Noel Clarke BUFF 2019

Actor, writer, producer and director Noel Clarke is to receive the 2019 British Urban Film Festival honorary award in recognition of more than 20 years spent working in the film and TV industry.

The 43-year-old, who currently stars alongside actor Ashley Walters in Bulletproof on Sky One, will accept the honour at the British Urban Film Festival Awards 2019 on Saturday 7th September.

Clarke said: "I'm honoured to be receiving this award from the British Urban Film Festival. It's not every day that you get honoured by your film peers and so to be joining an elite list of recipients including people that I count as friends including Wil Johnson and Ashley Walters is all the more satisfying. Thank you BUFF."

BUFF Chairman Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe said: "In accepting this year's highest honour, Noel joins an illustrious list of recipients including Richard Pryor, Wil Johnson, Ashley Walters and Amma Asante who have enriched the British Urban Film Festival with their talent, their spirit and their supreme work ethic. The UK owes Noel Clarke a huge debt of gratitude for single handedly kickstarting a revolution in the UK film industry. The British Urban Film Festival would not be the beacon that it is if it wasn't for Noel Clarke. As an actor, his performances continue to leave an indelible mark on audiences and critics far and wide. As a Black British producer, he is one of a rare breed who has grossed multiple million pound plus movies at the box office. As a writer and director, his vision is the mark of a true genius. As a student of the business, Noel continues to be an inspiration to me and to millions of people."

This year's BUFF Awards ceremony is taking place at Met Film School, Ealing Studios.



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