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Nightshift short film review



Nightshift Movie Review

Oooh yeah, working the night shift, anti-social hours, developing bad sleep and eating habits, the desperate isolation and lack of social life with the rest of the world and their 9 to 5. We love the night shift.

The night shift is not just for doctors, nurses and Deliveroo drivers, oh no, did we forget about prostitutes, they love the night shift, and that’s what Marie Sophie Driffield decided to venture with her new short ya didn’t see that title coming.

The story follows a young woman who hangs around in kebab shop, waiting to pick up clients for a bit of sexy fun. I love the combo of a kebab and prostitute; it’s a meat on meat love affair, yet my local kebab shop looks nothing like the one in this know clean, unbelievable set choice straight off the bat.

She takes him back to the communist style apartment she lives in, for them to have a little fun, but it’s not long before our eager customer gets a bit short of breath...and well flops, and not just in the groin region (to many kebabs will do that to you).

Now - spoiler alert -, Nightshift follows the already played out storyline of rape revenge, and although it’s not as played out at the Star Wars/#Marvel franchise plots the world of cinema is currently being dragged kicking and screaming though, it’s not the first time the thriller genre has been subjected to this tale.

I Spit On Your Grave is the obvious inspiration for this tale, and of course there is nothing wrong with, Nightshift takes its own approach, an important element when playing homage to an already well established storyline, and the ending allows us a fresh approach to some classic female revenge, and although I saw it coming, others may not. But Nightshift does not treat the audience as stupid, and the ending allows the viewer to able to use their imagination.

Essentially Marie Sophie Driffield is not holding our hand through the storyline, she allows for us to determine these characters and motives for ourselves, it’s not as if she has just failed to meet character development, but more she allows us to make up our own minds about the moralistic movements of each cast member.

The concept is compelling and will capture people’s attention, this seems like a passionate project that is heading in the right direction, as I stated the storyline may be something we have all seen before but that does not strip it of having a quality storyline for us to enjoy.


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