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Netflix top picks for Halloween 2020

Reviewed by Rachel Pullen

Do you like movies? I do.

Do you like scary movies? I do.

I watch them and then I have existential despair because I think all the aliens in the world are out to get me and I can’t stop them, so I watch Independence Day in order to calm the hell down.

Although that’s not a scary movie I feel the fact that Will Smith has not aged since 1996 is a #horror movie within itself…so with that in mind let us delve into the world of horror picks from Netflix this Halloween, not that we need it because let’s face facts - 2020 has been the stuff of horror movies already.

Netflix top picks for Halloween 2020
Netflix top picks for Halloween 2020

Creep [2014, directed by Patrick Kack Brice]

Found footage has done the rounds right? We know the score; shaky camera movements, paranormal activity going down, ghost moving into unsuspecting Americans' homes without offering any rent…and even though that’s all good in the hood what about actual reality? (yeah ghosts are not real…fight me bro) Well, Creep tackles just that.

A young man takes up an ad to film a gentleman on his life journey, but things take a dark turn when it seems all is not right in the brain with our host…a wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps, chilling, thrilling and comedic to boot, Creep is a refreshing addition to the found footage world.

Super Dark Times [2017, directed by Kevin Phillips]

Hey, do you like the 90’s? Walkmans and flannel clothing, home phones and a massive lack of CCTV so that you’re able to murder your friends with a machete?…ah goodness, well if that’s you, then you're definitely going to love Super Dark Times.

This is the tale of a group of teen boys who ‘’accidentally‘’ murder their friend in the park one day and scramble to keep their cool, but it’s not long before the tale takes a darker turn as it seems one of the boys enjoyed the murder a little too much.

Visually stunning, professionally written and compelling, this horror is for the viewer looking for a bit of depth to their murder movies.

Await further instructions [2018, directed by Johnny Kevorkian]

Sci-fi horror and the UK do not often spring to mind, we haven’t really dominated the genre over the years, but hey let’s change that with this little doozy! Await Further Instructions.

Our leading man takes his new lady home to meet the family over Christmas, and while that’s terrifying enough, it’s not long before they find themselves trapped in the family home, with only a Teletext screen on the TV handing out random instructions to the hostages.

So, if you are looking for something completely different from what you normally see from the UK, then settle in with a mince pie for this festive weekend in hell…plus wires, there are lots of wires.

Session 9 [2001, directed by Brad Anderson]

This whole list has been a ruse so that I can talk about one of the greatest films of all time, Session 9.

Yeah, I love this film, and I am so confident in my superb film choices that you will too, as we dive into the exciting world of asbestos removal in this haunting and bleak tale…asbestos is a bitch.

Set in a real abandoned hospital (Danvers State Hospital) a team of asbestos removers, settle in to strip the place bear, but it’s not long before each of the cast starts to act out of the norm, find bewildering things left from the past patients or in general just lose the plot…

But just as you think you have a grip on your senses and where the storyline is taking you, you will be flipped in all different directions, for Session 9 is never what it seems.

One of the most beautifully shot films I have ever seen, I cannot encourage you enough just to watch it for the performances as well as the amazing locations on the screen, and yes you can still visit sections of the hospital which survived the hellish condo and flat renovation, and yes I have Googled that time and time again because I have problems…

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