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Directed by: #SoumyaSuvraDas


Mochhob opens with the day of Indian Independence, a day which commemorates freedom from British colonial rule. The audience are introduced to three male characters who are discussing the meaning behind the day of independence and soon come to the realisation that this is an alcohol free day. The three men do all they can to scout out any form of liquor on this dry day, even looking to the black market to quench their thirst. They travel around Calcutta looking through the abandoned factories in search of liquor. However, their search leads them to the actual workers who were forced out of their jobs without even a warning. Mochhob uncovers these forgotten people, cast aside and neglected and allows them to tell their story by giving them a voice.

The entire film is pictured in black and white which creates a kind of melancholic feel to the piece, this feeds into the trauma of some of the workers who share their story. Those who have lost their jobs and struggle to survive in such a corrupt world.

The locations were really interesting and unfiltered, it was fascinating to see these abandoned factories and shown how quickly everything can be taken away. Broken bottles were scattered all over the floor as the three men scour every room, it really hits home as to the turmoil that was inflicted onto the workers.

This short film illustrates a lesson to the audience and demonstrates the importance of appreciating what you have in the here and now. Many people from all walks of life experience hardship and sorrow, this is represented clearly within Mochhob. However, it shows that we need to pay attention as well as reach out to those in need. The three men are forced to listen to the workers stories and recognise as well as appreciate what they do have. Gratitude is the vital message of Mochhob, a message which needs to be preached far more.

The characters were extremely relatable and authentic in their performance. The story took an unusual turn halfway through from sadness to almost comical, it was great to see that there was a lot of depth and much more than what meets the eye to this short film. Ultimately, Mochhob is a well-rounded short film, it not only depicts an eventful story but is also thought-provoking, showing the audience the forgotten and neglected parts of society with which many would often turn a blind eye to.


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