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Minghags Throwback Film Review


Directed by: Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Joseph Frantz

Written by: Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Joseph Frantz

Starring: Bam Margera, Brandan DiCamillo, Rake Yon, Don Vito and Missy Rothstein

Throwback Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Minghags (2009) Film Review

Remember the other week when we fell into the hole of early 2000’s skate culture, all of which was condensed into the wonderful full-length feature, directed and written by skateboarding hunk Bam Margera? Sure you do, it was iconic, well as we all know I love a running theme so this week I decided to carry on with Mr Margera’s next instalment in the world of full-length features and embrace a movie so lovingly titled: Minghags.

Minghags follows the story of a bunch of trailer trash pals (“Lenny” played by Margera and “Ponce” played by Dicamillo) who try and exact revenge on a billionaire called Rut Ro who stole the garbage juicer invention for his own. Now even though the garbage juicer invention was featured in the Haggard movie, this must not be mistaken for a sequel, for nothing in this movie will make sense nor relate to Haggard outside the juicer and the use of the diamond mountain bike, which was the prize from the invention of the future contest.

So in essence that is as far as I can describe the plot of Minghags, I’m not kidding, the best way to describe this movie as stuff happens on screen and we watch it! There are massive sections of the film which are bizarre and unnecessary. A personal favourite is Don Vito, dressed as a judge, hitting a hostage with a pizza slice, shouting about wanting to kill his gay nephew - this is just one of many scenes that is redundant yet beautiful.

Every now and then we are reminded of the garbage juicer issues, Margera sprinkles it in between the pranks and bum jokes as if to give purpose to wanting to make a goofy video with his pals, and it is needed to keep the movie moving, grounding to a reality that does not seem to exist.

Lenny and Ponce try to enlist the help of different folks to help them defeat the infamous Rut Ro, and eventually, he is defeated by some gang members, Rut Ro loses his millions and is left to live in the trailer park where the Minghags used to reside, but of course, he strikes oil there, making him richer than he was before the garbage juicer - always the way for the rich it seems.

Once again Margera is not trying to impress anyone it seems with these movies, they simply exist as a way for him and his pals to do something they love, to have fun doing it and sell it to their loyal audience that it appeals to, and of course if you’re not part of that audience you’re going to probably switch off after 10 minutes, but if you're of the CKY generation, or enjoy this kind of slapstick comedy, you will definitely stay tuned.

As for me, it’s the worst of the films from Bam Margera I feel, it just seems to take the crazy to a level that makes the movie a little bit too art house for my liking, it is hard to stay into characters and the plot when so much is happening on the screen at every given moment!

  • So, what can we learn this week?

  • Vito is the best judge of pizza.

  • The rich always get richer.

And if you steal a garbage juicer, someone is going to hunt you down, no matter how rich you are.



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