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Micky Hardaway - Short Film Review


Written & Directed by: #MarcellusCox


A young sketch artist visits a renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of physical and verbal abuse has taken a toll on him.

Wow. I’m utterly speechless. The feeling I just got from watching Marcellus Cox’s stunning Micky Hardaway is unlike anything I’ve felt from a film in the last few months. This is like big budget storytelling on an intimate scale, with one of the most well written characters in a short by far, and exquisitely performed by Rashad Hunter. A story so painfully relatable to many and an array of splendidly well-formed characters, shot softly in black and white by Jamil Gooding, creating the sense of every frame being a sketch, with every tone being the gentle pencil strokes.

Accompanying the wonderful visuals is a superbly fitting string-driven music score by Bob Bradley, which touches on the melancholy innocence tapped into Hunter’s character. Throughout each scene I realised just how well made this film is. From the crisp sound recording, to the seamless editing, Micky Hardaway is an Oscar worthy picture and it looks as if the festivals are agreeing on its beauty, winning a few ‘Best Short’ awards. The acting is incredibly restrained, several long monologues from various characters lend some exposition, as well as giving Micky a learning experience. There’s also some brutality shown head-on, without much pulling back. This all creates a very real and visceral atmosphere for the entirety of the film. The final scene can give chills; a genuinely perfect ending to cap it off.

If I’d had the pleasure of watching this at a screening with an audience, I would have applauded during the credits, and I’m certain others would have too. This is a largely emotional film, with many key moments for audiences to connect with the characters, and that’s thanks to all of the truly incredible performances and hard work from the crew behind the camera. Marcellus Cox is a talented filmmaker with a few short film projects already under his belt, and this new outing is a fine addition to his filmography. Micky Hardaway needs to be watched with undivided attention, and deserves any and every bit of success it could possibly receive.

Watch the trailer for Micky Hardaway below.



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