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Max is Bleeding short film review


Directed by: Jordan Anstatt

Written by: Louis Lagayette

Starring: Chloe Sirene, Matias Bonino, Julie Reifers, Ameerah Briggs

Still Image from Max is Bleeding showing protagonist.
Still Image from Max is Bleeding

A trip to the vet for an injured pet turns out to be for a much more sinister reason.

Courtney (Sirene) and Sam (Bonino) are a young couple and they are driving their dog Max, who is bleeding, to a veterinary clinic. Courtney appears anxious and distressed. After they arrive, she secretly writes a note and passes it confidentially to the receptionist. The note reveals that she is in danger and that the police must be called.

Based on a real-life incident, this dramatic thriller focuses on a life-threatening situation. It begins with normality and as the story progresses, it is revealed that things are all but normal, as Sam turns out to be a very dangerous individual. As his true self takes over, the tension rises, making the audience fear for Courtney's safety. He becomes aggressive towards her, indicating that she is stuck in an abusive relationship with him.

Sirene delivers a very realistic and dramatic performance as a frightened, desperate woman, who is being threatened by her boyfriend. She seems to have suffered a lot in the hands of Sam, however she manages to find the courage to reach out and get help. Bonino is also convincing as a two-faced, violent man.

Regarding the music, the film opens with a heavy metal track and composer David Frey creates a sinister score that goes very well with the atmosphere.

As mentioned above, the plot is based on a true story and during the closing credits, real surveillance camera footage is shown, covering several events that took place in the clinic. By including this footage, the filmmakers help the viewer understand that the film they just saw depicts situations that happen in real life, which makes viewing the actual footage rather chilling.

Max is Bleeding is a tense, unsettling story about a very dangerous situation. Remarkably acted, with beautiful cinematography and an intriguing plot, this achievement raises awareness about domestic violence and encourages people who are suffering from it to reach out.



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