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Ladies and Gentlemen Short Film Review

★★★★ Stars

Directed by: #GabrielOliva

Written by: #TorreyRichardson

A woman stands in the centre of a small stage. Wearing a white dress and holding a mic. A mirror is placed on the bright red wall behind her as she stares nervously out into the crowd in front of her.

“An amateur comedian, Nan, deals with some of the worst types of comedy personalities: a hipster bartender, a bitter host, an angry audience, and friends that don't get her humour. On top of her awkward encounters, she's facing a major crisis in her career… does she create what the status quo wants or to stay true to her own voice?”

Ladies and Gentlemen is a short, comedy film that will have audiences from all walks of life squirming and chuckling in their bar stools. Nan (Torrey Richardson) has a vibrant exterior; a beautiful, bright dress and long, blonde hair. Her personality and sense of humour is even more vibrant — just not in the same way. One can label her struggles as a newcomer to stand-up comedy as a ‘creative block,’ but it is rather that her distinctive comedic style is not embraced. “Each to their own” as some might say.

Nan lives in her own hilarious bubble. She wants to share that joy through comedy, but is unable to do so effectively because of the individuals she is surrounded by the night she takes to the stage. The entirety of this film’s storyline is versatile and projects such a unique brightness that all viewers can drink energy and inspiration from. A story of how one should stay true to themselves, even if others look at them through their own narrowed perspective. Sharing joy that is personal to you can be extremely difficult due to the judgemental stances growing around us, however it is of upmost importance to do so and fight against the current. Emerging as an idiosyncratic figure in any situation is what keeps the world interesting; it is what keeps hearts beating with musical rhythm and what keeps the meaning of creativity afloat. As humans, we can all learn from Nan and the confidence she embodies to spread her form of happiness, in hopes that she can connect to someone – even if its just one other person… or a sheep!

As well as the story itself giving its audience easy access to relatability and connection, the portrayal of the characters strengthens the frame of easy access. Torrey Richardson’s natural acting talent can be clearly seen through her presence as Nan. The awkwardness radiating from the character can be felt miles away from the scene and, in her more calm state while preparing herself to go onstage, that serenity can be felt from the same lengthy distance. Richardson’s approach to the character makes the unfolding plot feel real, as if the audience is watching it live or it has been recorded and uploaded to a social media site instead of being a wider production. I absolutely love the immersive atmosphere that has been effortlessly created.

This immersive aspect is enhanced by the cinematography, by Eric Wann. It is smooth and captivating throughout the short film’s entire duration and remains lively until its finishing point as Wann showcases amazing visual understanding of settings and angles that match each scene’s energy.

I highly recommend Ladies and Gentleman to anyone who craves a few minutes of verve and pure effervescence in their daily lives; especially if you feel quite isolated in your individualism. It is time to follow in Nan’s footsteps and collectively bleat in the face of other’s judgement and tension.



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