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It Starts And Ends With You review

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Directed by: #SamSeen

Music by: #SamSeen, #4R3X


A clay sculpture of a man's head sits in the middle of a pool table.
Still from It All Starts And Ends With You

Soooo...... it's a head on a table.

No wait, hang on, that makes it sound far more interesting and exciting than it actually is. It's really just a clay bust of a Filipino guy's head sitting in the middle of a dirty old pool table. No, really - that's all there is.

There's some endlessly repeating loop of a hip-hop beat going on in the background, not even edited together with the film but merely played through some speakers in the same room and recorded along with the footage, but that's really all there is.

And there's a rhino. Yeah, that's there too, briefly, but again it's not as exciting as it sounds. It's a small toy rhino placed in shot at the beginning and end of the track, but in terms of what it's doing there, you'll have to figure that out for yourselves.

That's it – for six and a half minutes.

There's nothing to tell you what it all means or what it's all about, in fact I don't even know what this is. Is it a music video? Is it an art project showcase? Who knows? There is zero indication as to what is being presented here. It could be anything because in all honesty there's nothing to it. One thing I do know is that it's not a short film.

Pointless. Avoid.



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