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Interview with Peter Warnock

Filmmaker Feature

Interview by Chris Olson

Star of the short film Lady in the Park, Peter Warnock, took some time to talk to us about his experience working with director Serena Chloe Gardner. He also discusses the actors he would most like to work with, his man crush on Pierce Brosnan, and what he would say if he were a dolphin.

What can you tell us about your character, Alex, in the film Lady in the Park?

He loves his kids above all else and tries his best but is overwhelmed by the situation he finds himself in.

How did you arrive at being in this short film?

Total chance! My world is 95% voice-overs, video games and teaching. Every few years I think about doing more theatre as it’s my first love, but the chance of doing this project was luck for me. Serena got in touch with me and I got lucky. Serena is 100% an actor’s director and she made the casting session about the story. I am also a very physical actor and she knew how to turn that tap on and off. Serena is quick thinking and that is so refreshing.

Did anything specific about the character attract you?

Trying to show a man’s love of his family and his destruction in 15 minutes without being sentimental.

There is an incredible journey for your character during the movie, which demanded a lot from you as a performer. How did you feel portraying such an emotional storyline?

I cannot say how much I enjoyed being on set with the perfect crew, cast and extras. I think Serena had to stop me smiling a few times. I like to laugh between takes. I think we only did one or two takes in every set up. I would not like to do that type of emotional journey every night on stage… you need to let go of that kind of energy really quickly. Film really allows you to explore that rage and let it go too.

What's your opinion of acting in short films? Do you enjoy the process? and how does it differ from other forms?

I like that the medium is fast! I really like it when you get an organised team of talented people together, crew, clever giving actors and kit that works! I think 20 years ago, acting in TV was so slow - we spoke really slowly, the camera described everything a bit too much. Short Films are just like a 30 second voice over: every visual and word has to be just right. I did 4 shorts in the last two years, apart from this one (LITP), each had a degree of organisational problems. I think the process for Serena was a lot longer and more complicated but it made the process for me as an actor much more enjoyable because she was so organised.

Who would you most like to work with and why?

Oh God! that question. Serena again - in the blink of an eye. Ed Harris - mesmerising. Clint Eastwood - efficient and brilliant. Bill Murray - I would laugh all day. Denzel Washington - he inspires me. Pierce Brosnan - I have a man crush! Judi Dench - I would love to be on stage with her in anything. But I get completely tongue-tied when I see actors I hugely admire and run away!

Do you have any advice for young actors?

Read, read and read everything you can to feed your experience and imagination.

What’s next for you?

Voice overs and I am planning a theatre project next Autumn

What would you say if you were a dolphin?

"Darn that propeller, ouchcy. I mean click click click. Oh shit People are pointing again."

To find out more about short film Lady in the Park visit their website -

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