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Interview with actor Natalie Sexton

Interview by Chris Olson

One of the actors who provided voices for the fabulous short animated film Ghostboy, Natalie Sexton, sat down with us to talk about Ghostboy, animation, and what she would say if she were a dolphin.

Interview with actor Natalie Sexton

Ghostboy was a really fantastic film. What attracted you to voicing the main character?

Firstly, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. All the team at United Magic have worked so hard on the piece. I've always loved this kind of animation, growing up in the days of Wallace and Gromit, so to be a part of a project like this seemed like a lot of fun!

Have you had any experience with voice work before?

I've done a little bit of voice work - I can be heard voicing some of the characters for the new Guitar Hero game, but this was the first time I'd played someone a completely different age and gender to myself!

Are there any specific goals you have when approaching a role like this? Is the process much different than doing a live action character?

I think the essence to approaching it is the same as you'd approach any role - after all you are playing a character, whether you yourself can be seen or not. There's a lot of facial expression and gestures going on when we record! As the voice is quite specific and needs to sound like an 8 year-old-boy, something which I am not(!), I would record myself and listen to it back to try and hear what sounded natural and what didn't. Jonathan [Brooks] was also great in being really clear with what he wanted. It was easy to make Alfie sound very young when actually 8 year old's don't speak like tiny kids - they're far too 'epic' for that (as Alfie would say!).

Were there any other stop-motion or animated films you looked to for inspiration? Or any other influences for that matter?

In terms of influences, I'm lucky as I work as an acting and vocal coach and teach a lot of children around the age of Alfie, so I really listened to the way they spoke to each other and their parents to help me with the way I interpreted the text.

What do you have planned next for your career?

I have just finished playing Wendy in Peter Pan is a small professional production in Brighton, and have been busy writing my own musical which comes to Brighton next May! Other than that, coaching a lot of talented youngsters in acting and singing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Work hard, and be brave enough to try new things and push yourself. You can't get every job or audition you go for, but don't let it get you down because there will always be something else if you keep trying!

What would you say if you were a dolphin?

E-e-e-e-e!! Which is dolphin speak for go and watch Ghostboy and tell all your friends about it!

With that in mind, why not head over to our Film Channel to watch short movies online for free!


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