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Inheritance short film review


Directed by: Annalise Lockhart

Written by: Annalise Lockhart

Starring: Victoria Villier, DeLeon Dallas, Ron Brice

Still Image from Inheritance showing protagonist.
Still Image from Inheritance

Three relatives live in a house in the countryside, while sinister-looking, ghost-like figures are stalking them.

A young woman (Villier) is celebrating her birthday with her father (Brice) and brother (Dallas). Her father's present is a document giving her partial ownership of the land. Shortly after, she begins seeing creepy individuals, who keep staring at her. She discovers that both her father and sibling can also see them. Her brother has formulated a plan that involves surrounding the house with electric wires and will hopefully force the mysterious entities to keep a distance from the property.

This spooky short mixes horror with science fiction. People inside an isolated building, with nightmarish beings in the woods around them. The atmosphere is rather scary and the plot rather intriguing, with three people who have a sort-of sixth sense that enables them to see the ghosts of the deceased.

Arguably, the best thing here are the spirits of the dead. They look terrifying, like zombies. Their faces and clothing are filthy and their eyes glow. They are often surrounded by smoke, they do not speak and are constantly standing still, looking at the living with a threatening stare. They do not do much and they do not have to, because their appearance is more than enough to send shivers down ones spine, thanks to the makeup and costume design.

All three protagonists deliver convincing performances as likeable, intelligent individuals who are struggling to deal with their situation.

Composer Evan Gitterman's score creates a menacing atmosphere, which goes very well with the scenes. However, at times the music is different and more uplifting and pleasant to the ear.

Special mention goes to Michael Barnett, whose special effects look pretty good.

Basically, this could be described as a ghost story. Otherworldly entities going after certain individuals, who must find a way to defend themselves. The interesting narrative and the scary figures are enough to make this achievement worthy of attention.



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