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I Know What You Did Last Summer Movie Review


Directed by: Jim Gillespie

Written by: Lois Duncan, Kevin Williamson

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr and Ryan Phillippe

Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


I Know What You Did Last Summer Movie Review

I Know What You Did Last Summer movie poster featuring the cast with a dark filter on and the title of the film at the bottom.
I Know What You Did Last Summer movie poster

Living by the ocean has its perks, I mean in the olden days they used to think sea air would cure a variety of illnesses - we all know that not to be true but hey, they tried! But sadly living by the sea has its downsides: tsunamis, seaweed stench, and having your mangled corpse tossed into its murky depths, what a downer.

For the teens of I Know What You Did Last Summer they thought that tossing some dude’s body in the sea would save them from any responsibilities...i.e prison, but boy were they wrong, and if you have lived under a rock for years and not seen the many parodies and pop culture references that this film spawned after its release, then I shall give you a quick briefing of the story.

Four sexy young teens spend their last day of summer vacation getting drunk and humping on the beach before they all leave to go to university (or college for our American readers), but on the way back they run over some man in waders and lob him into the sea in order to protect their futures.

But oh no, one year later they all receive a letter saying I know what you did last summer...get it? That's the name of the film, amazing, anyway, they all reunite to try and solve who could be responsible for the post-it notes of doom.

What they think was a simple hit and run was in fact some kind of murder/second almost murder as they find out they hit a dude who had just done a murder and the dude they thought they had murdered was not quite dead and so he came back and did some more murders to avenge his attempted short, murders only happen in summer, and this film likes to have murders happen - a lot.

Murders aside, why should you watch I Know What You Did Last Summer? Number one hey why not! It’s a laugh riot, some of the script is so bad you actually cringe for the actors having to say it, it’s a so bad it’s good kind of thing. Number two, the storyline although seemly a little silly is not dull at all, you stay engaged, the pacing is consistent to keep you interested in uncovering the layers to the tale and the reveal, although a little predictable is still worthwhile and enjoyable.

And despite spawning some of the most parodies from a horror movie ever, the acting is a solid effort, all these actors were it kids of the ‘90s and you can see why, each holding their own character, developed and stylised on the screen. You really buy into what they are selling, so much so I loved and hated them all at different times as their character arcs were exposed, I also loved and hated some of the fashion choices...ahh the 90s and people wearing what flannel shirts over everything, good lumberjack based times.

So there are actually two more sequels to this film, exciting times, I cant wait to see what aqua-based revenge they have in store for me, maybe death by waterfall or someone drowns in an egg cup of water which I heard is possible.

So kids what have we learnt from this week’s Throwback Thursday Film Review?

.Murders are exclusive to summer

. The ocean won’t necessarily help you hide a body

. And if you wear a flannel shirt you can achieve anything.



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