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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet short film review


Directed by: Tony Clemente jr

Written by: Tony Clemente jr

Starring: May Kelly, Franchesca Davis, Jesse Regis


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet is a short film written and directed by Tony Clemente jr and starring May Kelly, Franchesca Davis and Jesse Regis. The plot focuses on a young English woman named Bellamy (Kelly) who is a student in the United States and is having issues with her visa.

The film has a nonlinear narrative by constantly cutting to scenes that involve two situations: Bellamy in her home, talking on her phone to a customer service representative named Salvatore (Regis) from her bank in the States, attempting to transfer her money to a foreign savings account because she is being deported and spending time with Val (Davis), with whom she is in a romantic relationship and the two intend to get married in order to solve the situation. The scenes involving each situation appear to take place in chronological order but it seems to be up to the viewer to decide. For instance, the opening scene shows Bellamy and Val walking on a beach, appearing happy and embrace and kiss. Near the end of the film Bellamy receives a letter, informing her that her application to renew her US visa has been successful. This could mean that the scene on the beach takes place after that revelation and therefore the two can still be together.

Both Davis and Regis deliver convincing performances. However it is Kelly who gives the film some of its best qualities. In every scene she is in, she successfully depicts her character's emotions. She appears frustrated and angry when she talks to the bank assistant over the phone and happy and kind when she is with Val. It should be noted though that the scenes where she gets frustrated are her best because that is when she is the most entertaining.

The film uses clever editing techniques. One example of this are the match cuts. In one scene Bellamy is in her apartment and she goes to grab a fitted sheet. The film then cuts from a shot of her hand about to pick up the sheet to a shot of her hand taking hold of Val's hand, while they are walking in a forest. In another scene in her home Bellamy is about to throw a fitted sheet across the room and the film then cuts from a shot of her about to throw it, to a shot of an item of clothing being thrown into a suitcase by Bellamy, while she is in Val's place. Another interesting technique is when the two girls are in the woods and Salvatore appears out of the blue. This occurs twice and both times he introduces himself as if he is talking to Bellamy over the phone, about to assist her with her banking. The film then cuts to Bellamy inside her apartment, continuing the conversation over the phone. By having Salvatore appear, the audience is informed that another over the phone conversation is about to take place. There is also a scene where jump cuts are used effectively. Bellamy is talking to the assistant on the phone and he keeps asking her questions. When a question is asked, the film cuts to her hearing the next question and then the next and so forth and with each edit her frustration becomes more and more apparent. It is a well structured sequence that gives the film one of its best scenes.

The film's title could be viewed as ironic and humorous. The plot does not in any way teach the viewer how to fold a fitted sheet. Bellamy does hold a sheet while she is talking over the phone, but instead of folding it she tends to take her frustration on it by constantly messing it up and eventually tearing it.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet could be categorized as a wacky comedy. Kelly is a pleasure to watch and is especially funny when she gets frustrated with the assistant who appears sarcastic and unhelpful. One scene that should be mentioned is when the two girls are outdoors and Salvatore appears. He breaks the fourth wall and proceeds to speak as if he is talking to a customer over the phone. He is in frame from the chest upwards. As he speaks, he also unzips his trousers and proceeds to urinate, while Bellamy, who is in the background with Val, yells in frustration. It is a funny and rather awkward scene that truly catches the viewer's attention.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet clearly brings forward the talents of the cast and filmmakers. It is truly great achievement and deserves recognition and praise.



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