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Grimmfest 2019 Film Feature - Darlin'

Runtime: 101 mins

Directed by: #PollyannaMcIntosh

Grimmfest Feature by: Darren Tilby



Synopsis: Emerging from the woods filthy and ferocious, a feral teenager is indoctrinated into strict religious care, unleashing hell from the wild woman who raised her.

Grimmfest say: This elegant addition to the ongoing saga of Jack Ketchum’s brutal backwoods cannibal family marks an impressive debut as both screenwriter and director for Pollyanna McIntosh, who also reprises her iconic role as the nameless “Woman”. Building on the themes of Ketchum’s original novels, and Lucky McKee’s film THE WOMAN, but with a slyly satiric edge and strongly feminist message all its own, DARLIN’ sees the implacable feral Woman confronted once again with the hypocrisies and cruelties of the supposedly civilised world as she strives to rescue her child from those who would claim to offer salvation. As much satire and social drama as horror, the film boasts an extraordinary lead turn from Lauryn Canny as the eponymous Darlin’; Bryan Batt is impressively hateful as the corrupt bishop, and McIntosh’s Woman is a force of nature, more terrifying than ever before. Truly one bad mother.

What I'm Expecting: Having watched The Woman this morning, just before writing this, I feel like I have a fairly good idea of what to expect from Darlin’. For me, The Woman seemed to be a metaphor for man’s fight against nature, for our need to tame all things wild. I’m expecting Darlin’ to do the same with the hypocrisy of stricter religious teachings and the dogmatism that often surrounds it. And of course, I look forward to seeing Pollyanna McIntosh’s return as the Woman and her wreaking bloody vengeance on the people who have wronged her.



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