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Godspeed short film review

★★★ Directed by: Hope Madden Written by: Hope Madden Starring: Cat McAlpine Film Review by: Jason Knight

Poster for Godspeed showing protagonist Cat McAlpine.
Movie Poster for Godspeed

People sometimes do nasty things when they get angry. A woman (McAlpine) is driving to a remote location in the middle of the night. She is rather angry with a particular individual and she intents to do something about it. This short crime thriller starts out as a mystery. All the viewers have to begin with is woman driving to an unknown destination. What is she up to? It is soon revealed that she is determined and angry and is seeking revenge on the person who she believes wronged someone she cares about. As she drives on in the darkness, she constantly lets her thoughts and feelings come out and the audience has to pick up clues from her words in order to find out what is going on. By the end it all becomes clear. What is mostly seen in the film is McAlpine's face as she drives. She expresses herself very convincingly and describes the events in such a way that it is clear that they have affected her enormously. She effectively shows emotions of anger, frustration and sarcasm, leaving no doubt that she has reached her breaking point. Although the concept focuses on a sinister situation, the film also has humour. As the annoyed woman is on a mission to do some nastiness, she is also eating chips and drinking a refreshment. And Donovan Riley Wolfington's guitar score that is heard throughout adds a light and not-very-serious tone. Godspeed could be classified as a short road movie. From start to finish the audience are taken for a ride by the protagonist and they listen to her as she contemplates her intended actions and looks back at the events that made her decide to do them. It could also be described as a thriller due to the actions that she takes. Writer and director Madden has created a piece of work that contains a story full of questions that the audience will be very keen to find the answers for as they watch it.



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