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Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

What can you tell us about your acting career so far?

Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper
Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper

I have been acting since I was little but mostly in Theatre, as I grew I fell head over heels for filmmaking and so now all my money and time go on filming.

I have recently wrapped on a very exciting Feature Film but my contract says I have to keep stum! I am currently working on my own writing and productions, so it is terrifying and exciting leaking them into the world right now!

What made you want to make Wrecking Ball?

Alex [Joseph] had previously approached me about a separate project and was kind enough to consider me for Wrecking Ball also.

I just found the script totally refreshing in the year of 2018! I feel that the suitable themes in the script are ones that are not often explored. Plus the other girls on the project were some of the nicest people I have ever met. 

You were also in Faded Roses. What was the experience like there?

I have loved every minute of Faded Roses so far. Everyone involved is beyond passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to bringing Alex's characters to light. Alex is an awesome director who gives you the freedom to explore your character without restriction; he gives you the time and the opportunity to argue the character's side of the story.

I have loved having this level of input on a project and cannot wait to get Pippa in front of the camera!

Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper
Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper

What have the challenges been for you as an actor in 2020?

I can honestly say that I have been one of the lucky ones in 2020. I am fortunate enough to have another job that has seen me through the lack of projects and funding in 2020 and I can't begin to imagine how tough some people must have had it.

I have had a few projects to see me through and where I haven't been able to travel, I have been able to work with my partner filming our own writing. I don't currently have representation and for me, this is something I really worry about gaining after 2020.

What interest do you have in moving into directing?

It would be an understatement to say that Directing was on my bucket list (it's on there in capital bubble letters with lots of stars around it). Having grown up with my second home being the Theatre, I have studied the directors around me in awe.

I think it is one of the most challenging areas of filmmaking and production.

Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper
Filmmaker Interview with Lucy Sheree Cooper

Who are your filmmaking heroes and why?

Ryan Coogler, Tim Burton, Taika Waititi are just three of the main names I follow currently. They have all had astonishing careers where they have all grown from making their own original pieces, their styles are both consistent but evolving.

Ryan Murphy is also someone who never fails to keep my eyes glued to the telly - to go from Glee to Ratched is some serious versatility.

What advice would you give to new filmmakers?

Just try!

Even if you think it's going to turn out rubbish. It's not even going to exist if you don't try. Everything you do gets you one step closer. Even if what you do is a mistake; you're constantly learning the do's and don'ts and what works for you. So whatever you want to do, don't let the fear of failing hold you back and accept that those first few attempts may be rubbish - and that's ok!

What would you say if you were a dolphin?

If I was a dolphin I'd probably say 'The Revolution is coming'



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