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Father short film review


Directed by: #DopFumiGomez

Written by: Juan Echenique


Father short film review
Father short film review

This short movie follow the volatile relationship between father and daughter and the struggles between taking responsibility for your own actions and chasing your dreams. Needless to say the father figure, played by Juan Echenique, follows the latter and the piece highlights the daughters rage, pain and outright resentment towards him and his so called dreams.

The first comment to make on Father would be on the acting style, it was evident that this was lacking in a lot of areas and seemed rather rigid throughout. Both characters’ speech didn’t seem to flow and had an almost mechanical feel which can make it difficult for the audience to connect with either of them. However, it can be argued that this rigid appearance represents the relationship between the characters. The uncomfortable, awkward speech and movement merely feeds into this concept that the two characters have no real relationship.

Both father and daughter seem almost like strangers to each other and a complete absence of sentiment arises. Nevertheless, the film could have created a smoother acting style even if this means creating a more anger fuelled scene between the two, this would allow the audience to truly see the pain of the daughter and convey the distance of their relationship.

The colours throughout were vivid and bright and can easily captivate and audience from the offset. It was interesting to see the costume designs between father and daughter, the contrast between the two was distinct and represented the conflicting personalities of the characters. Stripes and cheques, two clear patterns that will never connect in any shape or form and perhaps mimics the conditions which surround the pair. Clearly showing their family unit as distorted and secluded with no prospect of unity.

The piece is restricted to one location being the kitchen, which can be seen as very limited and monotonous. However, having both father and daughter confined to such a small space makes for a perfect stage for the two to openly portray their grievances and anger. However, with the lack of locations there was a limited amount of shots used as well. The audience can almost feel very restrained and with this can lose interest quite quickly.

Overall, Father is a great reflection of damaged or distant relationships within the family unit. However, with stronger characters perhaps the film would have been able to go into real depth and explore the central theme of the piece in a much more exciting way.



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