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Encounter in the Air film review


Directed by: Ardit Sadiku

Written by: Ardit Sadiku

Starring: Herton Meta, Todi Kasemi, Auron Mimaj, Sebina Matlija, Sajmir Pepushaj

Poster for Encounter in the Air showing field and sky.
Movie Poster for Encounter in the Air

A man is asked to assist a certain individual, by making a video about them and airing it on television.

Blerim (Meta) is an unmarried man, who works as a broadcast technician for a TV station. One day, acquaintances get him in touch with Drin (Kasemi), a young man who wants to get into Sweden. He alleges that the Swedish authorities mistreated him, leaving him with a permanent disability. He requests that Blerim films him telling his story and then have the footage broadcasted on television in the hope that the Swedish government will grant him a visa. Blerim agrees and his involvement in the project ends up affecting his work and social life.

This Albanian drama focuses on the life of a simple man and explores themes of compassion, willingness to help others and injustice. The plot spends a great deal of time concentrating on the relationship Blerim has with his nephew Gezim (Mimaj) and the rapport he builds with Drin.

The film is well acted, with Meta as the lead and he delivers a convincing performance with his portrayal of an everyday man, who goes through significant changes after he decides to help Drin. Kasemi is impressive as troubled, but determined youth. Mimaj offers good support, as a carefree child, who enjoys playing with toys and having fun.

Director Sadiku does a terrific job and creates many wonderful establishing shots of mountains and nature. He truly captures the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Generally, this is a very well made film. The question is whether the narrative captures the viewer's attention, as before the final act the pace is rather slow. There isn't much going on that is likely to make one want to follow the story with enthusiasm. Other than that, this is a decent achievement.



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