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EFN Short Film Festival Winter Edition Livestream 25th JAN

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  • Join us LIVE for a night of extraordinary short films by emerging filmmakers from the UK and around the world.

  • Enjoy the work of 7 visionary directors followed by live video Q&As, real time audience questions and feedback from our panel of experts, who will be giving out the Critics’ Choice Award to the short film that wows them most.

  • From the comfort of your home you- the audience- can vote LIVE for your favourite film. The one with the most votes is crowned the Audience Favourite award on the night!

  • Presented by comedian Mike Sheer and curator Erifili Missiou, expect a relaxed, fun, and inclusive atmosphere and a night full of cinematic gems.


“These evenings are absolutely wonderful! It’s always a fantastic quality night!” Angela Peters -Actor


1. Vincent before Noon – Guillaume Mainguet (2019) 17’

A father pays his son a visit after years of conflict and turns up in the middle of his house move. Within a few minutes, the anger, the memories and the crossed looks move the two men deeply.

2. Friends Online – Samantha White (2019) 5’21

“Stacey”, an anxiety ridden, lonely, keyboard-warrior recluse, hopelessly tries to convince his favourite young friend “Ellie”, that he too is a teenage girl, with the desperate hope she’ll send him the pictures he craves.

3. Header – Mark Kuhlmann (2020) 13

When Lars (13) gets further and further behind in an initially funny duel with his brother Kai(11) and thus also threatens to lose the love of his mother, he is faced with a decision: Will he fight against his unfairly playing brother or will he give up?

4. Coping – Vivien Forsans (2019) 1’26

Animation about a bunch of creatures who are trying to relax after a long day of work.

5. Ill, Actually - Zoë Hunter Gordon (2019) 11’59

Ill, actually is a short documentary exploring the challenges of being young and chronically ill in a carefully curated online culture. A real ‘superhero’, a YouTuber and a camgirl explain why they choose to share -or ride- their chronic illnesses online. Online you can be anyone: why be ill?

6. @Jesu_muhnn – Jose M. Lucero & Coté Ramirez (2019) 6’43

A Young man obsessed with a famous influencer takes over her indentity.

7. Not Your Tropical Girl – Limuy Asien (2020) 1’

An indigenous girl responds to a racist audition callback.

Our panel of experts are Molly Cowderoy (Leeds International Film Festival), Abla Kandalaft (Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival) and Christina Papasotiriou (Genesis Cinema).

“Such a great online atmosphere for an evening packed with uniquely amazing films, interesting filmmaker Q&A’s and insightful feedback from the panel of critics- altogether a thoroughly entertaining night.” Janet Marrett- Film Director/Producer


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