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Done Waiting: Through MY Lens

· Director: #LeeMoses



A photographic anthology set to music and accompanied by philosophical quotes, Done Waiting – Through MY Lens is a short film produced by photographer #LeeMoses. The film showcases his work during the 70s and late 2000s and offers a photographic insight into his travels in some parts of the US.

Largely shot in black and white, Moses has captured the ‘ordinary’ in his work, but with his particular angles and occasional modification to some shots, bringing a sketch quality to some of them, he has done so in an atmospheric way. His shots of the ‘ordinary’ range from the simplicity of a door knob to photographs of Ray Charles and even wide angled views of Death Valley.

The transitions between his photographic periods are supported by his own philosophical quotes which encourage the consumer of his work to embrace the freedom afforded by the ordinary in life. The musical accompaniment is varied, with bluesy humming songs and even full orchestral numbers used to add dramatic colour to the images we are presented with.

There isn't a film here per se. This isn't a biography like #MikeLeigh's #MrTurner, with #TimothySpall playing the lead. It isn't #SalmaHayak's #Frida or #KirkDouglas' #LustforLife and for film lovers I think this will be a disappointment because we are invariably drawn by characters and events. The images on display in this presentation of work are very good even to the untrained eye, but I wanted to know more about #LeeMoses. I wanted to understand the man behind the camera, the inspiration for these shots and the drive behind the philosophy of the comments he chose to share in this film. If you love his work, if you love photography, you will like this film, but if you're looking for a greater insight into a creative mind, I'm afraid you won't find it in this film.


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