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Diana's Wedding film review


Directed by: Charlotte Blom

Written by: Charlotte Blom, Mette M Bolstad

Starring: Marie Blokhus, Pal Sverre Hagen, Jannike Kruse, Ine Marie Wilmann

Poster for Diana's Wedding showing protagonists.
Poster for Diana's Wedding

A story about the life of a girl and the challenges she goes through being raised by irresponsible parents.

The film begins in 1981, with Liv and Terje getting married, who already have a baby daughter named Diana. They move into their new home and meet Jan and Unni, their new neighbours, who live next door with their own daughter Irene. As the years go by, Terje and Liv become close friends with their neighbours and have another child Cato. However as parents, they are not the best role models. They argue constantly and do not pay enough attention to their children, leading to all sorts of embarrassing and awkward situations. As a result, Diana chooses to stay away from them, preferring the company of Irene, with whom she forms a strong bond as time passes.

This Norwegian comedy-drama looks into a dysfunctional family and how it affects a child's psychology. It explores themes of parenthood, growing up, marriage, friendship and love. The main focus is the relationship between Liv and Terje who, throughout the film contradict each other and scream in each other's face, even though they love each other. Jan and Unni also have their own issues, acting childishly. Generally both married couples are presented as wrongdoers, while their children seem to know better.

Overall, the protagonists deliver rather convincing performances, with Blokhus and Hagen putting on a good show as a couple whose relationship is on the edge and credit also goes to Kruse for her portrayal of an unhappy housewife.

The are many scenes of confrontation, primarily between Terje and Liv and some of them are heartbreaking. It is upsetting watching the couple argue and their daughter becoming more and more distant, however there are also funny and uplifting moments. There are also jokes of a sexual nature and brief nudity.

The film includes references to Diana, Princess of Wales and the title might make some people think of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer and they would be right, as the film contains footage of the wedding the day Terje and Liv marry, which happens to be the 29th of July 1981, the same day as Lady Diana's wedding. The movie also includes footage of Diana's sons and references her tragic passing. Of course, there is also the fact that the daughter's name is Diana.

Sometimes emotional, sometimes humorous, this feature is an interesting viewing that deserves attention. With great acting, an intriguing narrative and an entertaining soundtrack, it provides an experience that is worth pursuing.


Diana’s Wedding will be available on Digital Download from 19th July


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