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Desolate short film review


Directed by: #KirenSanthosh


Desolate short film review
Desolate short film review

A short experimental film, Desolate (2018) shows a curious play of contrasts between darkness and light, the inside and the outside, certainty and uncertainty; reflecting “the sun and the moon” of the lyrics of the background score while using colour and monochromatic scenes alternatively. #Filmmaker Kiren Santhosh has given his own rendition to the beautiful song “Where did I go?” by Poppy Ajudha in this indie film.

It starts unconventionally with repeated flashes of a still shot of a window from within a dark room, skilfully edited, suggesting the blinking movement of a human eye. Consequently, the window tilts and disappears from the screen, the eye or the camera lens focuses on the cloudy sky beyond the window. Its a quick transportation, from the private space of a room to the deserted fields and vast stretches of desolate lands outside. The soulful music resonates with the deserted landscapes.

What follows is a montage of different places, inanimate objects like electric poles, danger signs, and close-ups of the grains of dried wheat leaves or grass swaying in the breeze like waves in the sea. It is significant to note that this film does not have any direct story or plot, there are no characters involved, no dialogues or actions. However, that adds to the beauty of the whole visual narrative as it is created through the personal interpretations of viewers themselves.

Though the absence of a clear storyline can be disheartening to some people, overall it’s an aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking film, It successfully captures the very nuances and the essence of loneliness that it intends to portray through its title. Officially selected for many film festivals, it is indeed a one-of-a-kind work of art. Recommended for all film lovers.



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