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Daddy's Wallet short film review


Directed by: Matthew Kyle Levine

Written by: Matthew Kyle Levine

Starring: Daniel Martin Berkey, Gina Marie Holden, Natasa Babic, Kelley Heyer

Poster for Daddy's Wallet showing protagonist.
Poster for Daddy's Wallet

An insight into a man's infidelity and how it affects his life and those around him, including his wife, daughter and mistress.

A middle-aged, wealthy, married man (Berkey) has been having a prolonged affair with a young woman (Holden). Eventually, he decides to tell his wife (Babic), who is devastated by the revelation. He claims to still love her and refuses to divorce her, threatening that a divorce would leave her financially broke. He openly continues his cheating and not even his daughter (Heyer) can convince him to change his ways.

This drama focuses on the life of a man who appears to be delusional. He wishes to carry on with his affair and pretty much do whatever he feels like. He shows no remorse regarding his infidelity and does not respect or appreciate his wife and daughter. The plot is rather awkward and interesting at the same time: an individual is committing infidelity but wants to remain married. His actions create a great deal of drama and the narrative consists primarily of scenes in which he explains himself either to his mistress, wife or daughter.

The film benefits by strong performances. Berkey leads the story well as a retired man, who believes he spent his working life as a prisoner and is now looking to live his life the way he sees best, not caring much about the impact that has on those close to him. He is also an alcoholic and takes drugs. He comes across as rather unlikable, selfish and childish. Babic is emotional as his wife who cannot stand what her husband is doing but is unable to leave him either. She is torn apart and Babic displays her character's emotions vividly.

There is no music and almost the entire story takes place in the man's apartment. The cinematography looks great the action is mostly filmed through closeups of the characters' faces.

This short has an intriguing plot that is dedicated mostly to character study. The characters are interesting, the dialogue is well-written and the viewers will most likely want to find out what makes Berkey's character tick.


Trailer for Daddy's Wallet:


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