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Burbiszki documentary review


Directed by: Maxim Ford

Poster for Burbiszki showing field, clouds and sky.
Poster for Burbiszki

Time to go on an unforgettable journey into the beauty of nature. Set in Burbiszki, a small Polish village near the border with Lithuania, this mesmerizing documentary proves how amazing the countryside is, being gifted with lakes, forests and wildlife, all of which can create their own magic.

This film consists of many shots, all of which are pleasing to the eye. There are shots of lakes, woods, plants, fields, the sky during the day, being decorated by clouds and during the night, revealing countless stars. There is also wildlife, with a variety of animals, such as foxes, deer, swans and multiple footage of birds flying. The weather conditions also change throughout, presenting the countryside during different seasons, which naturally changes the way things look and creates unique images. For instance, during winter the snow covers the trees and ground, making everything white.

Although the primary focus is nature, civilization is also present. There are houses to be seen, farming machinery being operated, roads and an abandoned building.

Fast motion techniques are utilized to great effect. There are many shots of clouds moving in the sky, in fast motion, delivering out-of-this-world sequences. Wind moving flowers, grass, branches and water is also shown in fast motion and looks terrific.

As director, Ford does a very impressive job, creating breathtaking aerial shots of the countryside. The camera is mostly stationary, but it also pans left or right or elevates upwards, revealing spectacular scenery. There is also underwater filming, which is executed fantastically.

This achievement is a pleasure to watch from start to finish and is an equal joy to listen to as well. The fantastic soundtrack consists of magnificent classical music pieces from various outstanding composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Gustav Holst and Antonin Dvorak. Their captivating music accompanies the images effectively. For example during snowstorms and lightnings, the music becomes dynamic, highlighting the fearsomeness of nature. Apart from the music there is no other sound, and there is no need either. Regarding the audio, the addition of this remarkable collection is enough to help make this project an unforgettable experience.

Burbiszki should not be missed. With captivating images and score and amazing cinematography by Robert Woznialis, it offers the viewer an opportunity to relax and be enthralled, by providing an insight into the wonders of nature.



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