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Bio-Dome film review


Directed by: Jason Bloom

Written by: Adam Leff, Mitchell Peck, Jason Blumenthal

Starring: Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin, Joey Lauren Adams and Kylie Minogue

Throwback Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Bio-Dome (1996) Film Review

Bio-Dome movie poster
Bio-Dome movie poster

I love vague quotes, it makes me feel big and better than regular folks, in your face, I know stuff, and one of my fav's is singing viva las Bio-Dome...and no one, and I mean no one ever gets it...god I'm satisfied.

But it got me thinking, how many people are missing out on the 90s gem that is Bio-Dome? How many people have failed to see Kylie Minogue on the big screen, making out with Pauly Shore? How many...HOW MANY? Well, never fear my little movie dwellers, I'm here to tell you all about it.

Bio-Dome is the tale of Bud and Doyle who get dumped by their ladies for not caring enough about the environment, a classic reason to dump someone, and after trying to chase them down, accidentally enter a bio lab thinking it was a mall.

Oh gets worse, the bio lab is to be closed for a whole year, and now Bud and Doyle must now get on with the group of scientists and live together within the Bio-Dome.

It's a classic fish out of water storyline, these two 90s potheads and the stuffy scientists clash over and over, but resulting in some fun comedy for the teenage viewer, and that's what Bio-Dome is, a cash grab to appeal to the teens, I mean how old is Pauly Shore? He has looked 35 forever but he pulled an audience in the 90s it seemed.

Upon re-watching Bio-Dome for this review I realised it reeked of the Matt Parker and Trey Stone vibe of filmmaking, years before BASEketball was even a thing, and so for any fans of those gems Bio-Dome needs to be on your radar.

This film is competently up there with all those rivals of the stoner comedy times, yet seems to go forgotten by many! Well, don't, strap in and swim around in the slapstick, goofy nature of Pauly Shore, enjoy the smooth face of Stephen Baldwin and the acting ''abilities'' of a stunning young Kylie.

So this week we learn...

  • viva las Bio-Dome is the ultimate quote

  • kissing Pauly Shore may be a contractual obligation

  • and staying in a Bio-Dome for a year may save your relationship.



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