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Another Relationship short film review

Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Directed by: Jeff Corpening

Written by: Jeff Corpening

Starring: Winston Gantt, Laura Mae Stacey, Anna Lynn Holleman

Poster for Another Relationship showing protagonists Winston Gantt and Laura Mae Stacey.
Movie Poster for Another Relationship

There are times when couples experience difficulties between them and it is up to one of them, or both of them, to do something about it. This surreal drama explores the relationship between a man (Gantt) and a woman (Stacey).

The starring, unnamed couple do have a rather unusual relationship. The man enjoys going out, looking at nature and visiting art museums, while the woman appears to not want much out of life and stays at home. She also constantly wears a mask that covers her eyes and does not have eyeholes! The two of them seem to care about each other and like drinking tea. However they do not see many things eye to eye and the man decides to take action in order to stay with her.

This film resembles a David Lynch film. The protagonists are uncommon and have awkward conversations between them. The mask the woman wears does not seem to block her eyesight, as she is shown reading a book! The mask appears to be symbolic. It appears to represent the fact that she is only wants to do what she is used to doing and is 'blind' to the rest of the world.

Gantt and Stacey deliver convincing performances as a couple who are in love and are having differences. As mentioned this is a surreal story and the unconventional ways they talk and interact with each other is executed very well by the two leads.

Most of the story takes place inside the house the couple live in. The mise-en-scene in the house indicates that they are tidy people and have fine furniture. There are plenty of shots of paintings and closeups of cups and teacups. The filmmakers make effective use of jump cuts, a match cut and slow motion.

Music is played almost throughout the entire film and it is rather amusing. It sounds like a combination of jazz and electronica.

There is also a scene depicting eye injury. It is worth mentioning that the scene is quite upsetting, due to the special effects and the acting, which make it look realistic.

Another Relationship is an interesting piece of work. Well shot, well edited and well acted, it provides the viewer with a thoughtful experience.


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