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And Sometimes She Loved Me Too short film review


Directed by: #KaranTalwar


And Sometimes She Loved Me Too short film review
And Sometimes She Loved Me Too short film review

Love is a hard thing. Think about it. We put so much of our energy and time in to creating a space to share with someone, but it’s volatile, relationships are, you wouldn’t do it with a carton of milk that you know is only going to spoil, yet we do it with another human being, a person with their own thoughts and feelings and their own volatile nature, and yet we expect longevity, why? I just depressed myself.

Most relationships follow the same pattern, we meet, swoon, fall in love, think they are amazing, get complacent, get bored, lie, stray?, argue, feel rejected, transfer that rejection onto them with anger, yell some more...end. And so with this pattern in mind, director and writer Karan Talwar decided to investigate the subject in his own unique way with short film And Sometimes, She Loved Me Too.

We are given access to a couple’s surroundings, the intimate things that are all around us that make up the space we dominate. The screen is filled with personal shots, so close that you could reach out and touch them, feel their presence through the screen, and this connection is important for that is all we are given in the way of visuals.

This short movie is dominated by an audio track, one which is between two lovers, we hear them joyfully engaging in fun activities, enjoying each other’s company...the fools. Don’t they know that I, their most beloved film critic, have figured out the formula to all relationships...and with that in mind all they have are lies and despair to look forward to.

Oh look I’m right...million dollars cash prize please, they soon start to fray, we hear the heart wrenching pleas for forgiveness, the strained arguments over the phone, the disconnection that sets in between these two former love birds.

The absence of characters on screen allows for the audience to fill in a lot of the tale themselves, and is that not what being in a failing relationship is? We jump to conclusions and fill in the gaps with our own insecurities, often in the end causing more and more problems. Don’t we all feel disconnected at times from reality? Be it in the highs of love, or the bleak moments when a relationship falls apart.

And Sometimes, She Loved Me Too as a #shortfilm is effective, moving and of course relatable to anyone who has been through a break up.



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