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Adeline short film review


Directed by: Audrey Biche

Written by: Audrey Biche

Starring: Eloise Blomme, Patricia Couvillers, Camille Merite, Eva Quinto, Benedicte Charpiat

Poster for Adeline showing protagonists.
Movie Poster for Adeline

An elderly woman recalls her forbidden romance with a girl, while the two where at a Catholic school.

A young nurse is assigned to look after Adeline, an ill, aged woman who is staying in a hospital and is in a wheelchair. One day Adeline receives an unexpected letter from a person named Helene Gautier. It is revealed that Adeline had a relationship with Helene many years ago, when they were both living at a Catholic school. However they were discovered and separated.

The film has a nonlinear narrative, containing many flashbacks of the relationship the two girls develop and the strict upbringing they had to endure. The other storyline follows Adeline's current, sad situation in the hospital.

This short, emotional story explores themes of forbidden love, lesbianism, authority, discipline, religion, illness, death and cruelty.

The performances are truly remarkable. Blomme and Merite are great in their portrayals of young Adeline and Helene, who are in love with each other but constantly under fear of being exposed. Charpiat is menacing as the strict, coldhearted Mother Superior of the school, who emotionally and physically torments the two girls. Couvillers is moving as an individual who is reaching the end of her life and saddened by memories from her past.

Biche does a wonderful job, creating beautiful establishing shots and scenes of heavy drama. In several sequences, the editing makes clever uses of match cut techniques.

The costumes also deserve praise, particularly in the school scenes. The uniforms the girls wear and Charpiat's clothing look rather genuine.

Composer Danny Guttridge has created music that matches the emotions of the story. It is atmospheric and emotional.

Adeline is a love story, it is a poignant tale about lost love. It will most likely touch the viewer's heart.



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