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5 awesome film trailers for 2016!

As December approaches, and the big hitters of cinematic releases are winding up (Star Wars, The Hunger Games), audiences will probably hit January with an all-time low of post-Christmas blues!

Here at UK Film Review, we care about the mental health of our film-loving readership, so have compiled a short list of movies, along with their film trailers, to look forward to in 2016...sadly at the time of publishing this, there is yet a trailer for Captain America: Civil War...#sadface.

#1 - The Revenant

As UK Film Review's current "Trailer of the Week", we are eagerly anticipating this movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. The trailer itself is utterly atmospheric and ballsy...

#2 - Suicide Squad

Arguably the only other film to rival Civil War's hype, this DC film starring the likes of Jared Leto, Will Smith and Margot Robbie has been the touchstone of many movie conversations since ComicCon 2015...

#3 - The Jungle Book

Not everyone will be be excited about this remake of a Disney classic, but the New Year is alwasy about hope. This movie trailer has enough style and flair to get us excited and even features the classic tune from the original...if only whistled...

#4 - Kung Fu Panda 3

Jack Black is back as everyone's favourite fighting Panda, proving the franchise has been a big hit with animation and film fans alike. The films have a respectful nod of the head to the anime genre, as well as some excellent slapstick moments cemented by a star studded cast...

#5 - Zoolander 2

Okay, we may be reaching here a little. But Ben Stiller is a firm favourite with audiences, and his funny fashion film is getting a "much needed" sequel that we should all "respect". That being said, the movie trailer is pretty funny...

Still depressed about the end of 2015? Head over to our YouTube channel and check out our Film Trailers 2016 Playlist.


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