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July Movie Trailers

This is the UK Film Review page where you can see a load of trailers for movies coming out in July 2020; many genres of film are included. Such as the latest action and drama movies, to slasher films and world cinema. Audiences should note, these movie trailers will from time to time have spoilers which can...ahem... spoil your viewing experience of the full film, should you decide to watch it, or may give you unreasonably high expectations about the movie, filmmakers, or acting talent. We take 0% liability in any way regarding whether these trailers are suitable for your tastes. How would we know what you like to watch? Or what offends you?


If these trailers are not to your liking, but you would like to view some trailers of more of an independent persuasion, jolly over to our other movie trailers pages for shorts and indie cinema. You can find these by looking under the Movie Trailers drop down in the navigation. Once you arrive there, you will be able to access some of the most exciting and entertaining trailers from movies around the globe, allowing UK Film Review to do our utmost to support indie films. 


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Tenet Movie Trailer

Top Gun: Maverick Movie Trailer

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