International Film Festival of Bengal

International Film Festival o Bengal

International Film Festival of Bengal, also known as Bengal Mensile (meaning monthly) is going to be launched in 2019. The film festival aims to create a platform for independent Cinema in Bengal to be showcased along with global cinema. Beside this, Bengal Mensile also provides a Film Market for buyers, distributors, exhibitors etc.

IFFB will begin in 2019 as a monthly event with the annual event known as Bengal Biennale. This is an initiative by Roll, Camera, Action.


The film festival is likely to be a global event with jury anticipation from renowned film professionals. 


As per the filmmaker of White, Aneek Chaudhuri who is also the festival executive committee member:


We at IFFB aim to create a sustainable environment for Cinema. We will be creating a circle of Cinema where we will guide fellow filmmakers with making a film and also exhibiting it, with further plans for distribution.


International Film Festival of Bengal will be holding International and National sections for both fiction and non-fiction films of any duration. 

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