Join the UK Film Channel

Do you want to get more views for your movie? Then add it to the UK Film Channel.


Whether your film is free to view online (via YouTube or Vimeo) or being sold as pay per view (Vimeo only), we can embed the original link so YOU KEEP THE VIEWS.


Why are UK Film Review doing this?

One of the most common questions we get when we review a film is:

"Where can I see this movie?"

It would be great to have an answer!


We want to provide UK self-distribution for filmmakers whose painstaking efforts to make a movie are not left undiscovered.


The Benefits Include:


✔️ More views for your movie

✔️ Keep the streams on your channel

✔️ Join a community of other indie filmmakers worldwide

✔️ Get promotion on our social media channels (*plan specific)

✔️ Keep ALL the money from any Pay Per View sales (*plan specific)


UK Film Review now offer the opportunity to SELL YOUR FILM.

Choose from renting your movie directly on our website, or applying for an online distribution deal whereby we purchase the rights to your movie.

Find Out More Here.

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