BFI London Film Festival

As the most popular film festival in the UK, the BFI London Film Festival is an event worth covering in true detail. On this page, you will find an array of film reviews and movie features about the BFI LFF and the films that appear. Since 2016, UK Film Review has been covering the BFI London Film Festival, with a plethora of articles and reviews about the event. 


Our movie critics will attend numerous screenings, press events, and special features hosted by the BFI before and during the actual film festival takes place in October. 


For those who know nothing about the BFI London Film Festival, we recommend reading some of the feature articles that give you a taste of what the event has to offer and the big-hitting movies that will be showing. For those who are more familiar, check out the numerous BFI LFF film reviews that we have to offer, covering every genre of movie from mainstream outings to short animated pieces. 


Many of the filmmakers that have already had their movie reviewed by our film critics put their films into the London Film Festival. So sometimes you may be able to get an inside scoop on entries to seek out...or avoid. 


Underneath the film reviews, we will also endeavour to place some exciting movie trailers that you may find useful for some of the bigger titles. If your film is going to be showing at the BFI London Film Festival, tweet us @UKFReview and send us the link - we may just add it to this page. 


Be sure to check back here regularly for more updates and follow us on the usual social media channels (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) where we will be keeping everyone up to date. 


BFI London Film Fesival

BFI London Film Festival 2017


Now that this year's event has finished, here is a little write-up to summarise our main learnings. The filmmakers who attended brought a huge array of affecting and impressive movies, from heavyweights of the industry like Guillermo del Toro, whose masterful The Shape of Water was one of the BFI London Film Festival 2017's highlights, to lesser-known but equally talented filmmakers and storytellers. 


Many of the film reviews from the BFI LFF 2017 are already up on the site. Critics Chris Olson and Dean Pettipher attended many of the screenings on behalf of UK Film Review and have been posting glowing verdicts on many of the entries. There are still more to come though, so be sure to check back regularly in order to get their full opinions on each film that was viewed. 


BFI London Film Festival 2018


Eager as ever, we want to hear from any filmmaker thinking about submitting their film to next year's event. We like to provide reviews of shorts and indies in particular in the run up to major festivals wherever possible. Use our Submit Your Film page to send us the details of your movie or tag us on social media where we will be able to respond too. ​